Welcome to The Pursuit of Joy, a blog for people who desire to live beautiful lives of Joy. I’m Yoshi and have been living with mental illness for almost a decade. My life’s mission and quest is the pursuit of Joy. More than “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness” (according to Google), Joy is a multifaceted and dynamic way of life that embraces the transcendent. It is the existential moorings of a meaningful and purposeful life that is full of zest, energy and direction. It is such an important concept that it deserves capitalization–(J)oy.

This definition of Joy is by no means comprehensive and serves merely as a springboard for further inquiry. It is a deep subject that deserves much thought and experimentation, which requires a life long journey to discover and unpack.

Perhaps some may wonder whether Joy and happiness are interchangeable. To my mind, they are not exactly the same. Happiness is a feeling that is event specific and it is a function of our moods. However, risking oversimplification, Joy is a mindset, a journey and most importantly, ontological. It transcends the limitations of ourselves and provides a stable ground on which to build our lives. A person may still experience Joy in the dearth of happiness, especially when circumstances are bleak and things aren’t going as hoped or planned. It is a state of well-being that is existentially grounded, robust, challenging and meaningful.

“Life is difficult” according to the best-selling book The Road Less Traveled, but it is also interspersed with beauty and blessings. I need an anchor that will allow me to weather the storms of life with serendipity while not losing the child-like awe and gratitude at grace notes that fill my life from above. This is the kind of Joy that I want to pursue and this blog is the place where I hope to share practical tips and advice that I’ve gleaned from my reading, research and personal experience.

I would like to conclude my introduction by urging you to follow your heart and dreams. Dare to dream big and pick up the courage and perseverance to see it thorough. We are all on the journey of life together, albeit to different destinations. Let us pursue Joy with gusto; however you choose to define to it.

Here’s a favorite song of mine (Climb Every Mountain) which I hope will inspire you to do the same: